This site is Work-in-Progress, and as such, everything is in an incomplete-state.

    Source code 

    Split between two forges, slowly migrating to self-hosted Forgejo instance at

    2. GitHub

    Projects Overview 

    Project Status: what does it mean? 

    1. WIP: Code isn't usable.
    2. Usable: Code works, but user experience isn't polished. Can be used with a bit of patience ;)
    3. Production: Ready for use

    1. Interface 

    • Source code
    • Status: WIP
    • Description: API-space software forge federation implementation.

    Federation will take time to implement in most, popular software forge implementations. Interface aims to use the forge's REST API or similar and create a federation layer on top of it.

    Currently, implementation has minimal support for Forgejo and Gitea. A Forgejo user can be exposed to Fediverse through WebFinger using Interface.

    2. Northstar 

    Interface's API-based, external, third-party approach introduces a unique problem: how to locate the internet address (hostname) of the Interface that services a forgege? Enter Northstar. It is a simple Key-Value search server that maps forges and internfaces

    3. Starchart 

    Projects on centralized forges like GitHub and GitLab enjoy good visibility through network effect, good search engine indexing and through third-party tools like

    Starchart aims to provide high-visibility for projects on independently hosted forges by indexing them and exposing the index with a searchable index. The index is designed to be replicated, so that new Starchart instances can be bootstrapped from an existing Starchart instance's data.

    4. f3-rs 

    4. ftest 

    The idea is to create something similar to matrix-org/sytest, but for ActivityPub and ForgeFed. This way, we'll be able to measure how compliant an implementation is to the specifications, which we hope will improve interoperability between instances.