fest.toml or Job Manifest 

    Job manifest is defined in ftest.toml file in the specimen's subdirectory.

    ftest.toml contents: 

    It can contain information on:

    1. Initialization code 

    The code that needs to be run to prepare the test environment. ftest runs Docker containers to initialize test environments.


    forgejo-init-script performs the following operations in a sequence:

    1. Install Forgejo (the binary starts with a web installer that accepts configuration parameters for database, mailer, etc.)
    2. Create accounts
    3. Create repositories
    4. Create issues
    5. Create access tokens

    NOTE: Some of these operations are irrelevant, as I (@realaravinth) had nicked them from another project of mine and was too lazy to modify ;)

    2. Test Suite 

    A test suite is a collection of tests. For instance, ActivityPub is a test suite that could include tests for the WebFinger protocol and the Nodeinfo protocol.

    3. Tests 

    A test is a docker container that tests the specimen for a specific protocol or feature.


    Nodeinfo test is the simplest test available within ftest at the moment. It tests the specimen's Nodeinfo implementation against the Nodeinfo specification.

    Please see here for developing new tests.