The target of a ftest test job. These are the ActityPub or ForgeFlux implementations that must be tested for compliance.

    Job Manifest 

    or ftest.toml

    Contains information on the test environment, initialization code and the test suites that has to be run on the specimen

    Control Repository 

    A Repository that houses job manifests, and Infrastructure-as-Code (docker-compose, currently) to spin up a test environment containing the specimen.

    Directory structure 

    Each specimen has it's own directory in the control repository:

    23:50 atm@lab ftest-control ±|gotosocial ✗| tree
    └── targets
        ├── forgejo
           ├── conf
           │   └── app.ini
           ├── docker-compose.yml
           └── ftest.toml
        └── gotosocial
            ├── data
               └── config
                   └── config.yaml
            ├── docker-compose.yaml
            └── Dockerfile

    Specimen docker-compose.yml 

    The control repository MUST contain a docker-compose.yml to spin up the specimen. It may include configuration files in the same directory, which to docker-compose file can rely on using bind mounts within the container.

    Result Repository 

    Result repository contains the results of all the targets' jobs in JSON format.