Tests are Docker containers that test specimens a very specific protocol or a feature. They integrate with ftest by accepting configuration parameters through environment variables and uploading results through a REST API.

    Configuration (Environment Variables) 


    Some environment variables are automatically generated by ftest

    FTEST_AUTHAuthentication token that should be used when uploading results to ftest server. It is ephemeral, and randomly generated for each test.
    FTEST_HOSTThe hostname of the ftest server. Results must be uploaded to here. Will be in format http://ftest:9000
    FTEST_TARGET_HOSTThe hostname of the specimen server. Tests must be run against this hostname. Will be in format http://specimen:8080

    User provided 

    There's option to fetch custom environment variables also. Please specify them in your test's documentation clearly. The README file of the test is recommended.

    Results API: 

    A formal OpenAPI specification for the ftest server is yet to be created. For now, this command should upload test results to the ftest server:

    def upload_logs_to_ftest(auth, success: bool, logs: str):
        ftest = f"http://ftest.example.org/api/v1/{auth}/results"
        payload = {"success": success, "logs": logs}
        res = requests.post(
            ftest, json=payload, headers={"Origin": "http://example.org"}
        if res.status_code == 200:
            logger.info("Upload successful")
    upload_logs_to_ftest("supersecretauthtoekn_provided_by_ftest", True, "")