How does it work?

    Bridges connect people, and so does ForgeFlux!


    The bridging component in ForgeFlux is called Interface.

    Interfaces are programs that run on either side of the bridge, i.e, a bridge requires the participation of two interfaces. Currently, Interfaces bridge the following operations:

    • Pull Requests
    • Issues
    • Comments

    An Interface implementation for a software forge is able to talk to the forge's API and speak ActivityPub protocol for server-to-server communications. This architecture makes it possible to implement an Interface for any forge setup.


    Since Interfaces run external to the forges, a method to find Interfaces that service forges was required.

    Northstar is a discovery service that maps an Interface and the forge that it services. It acts very similar to DNS, except instead of querying host names with intent to find corresponding IP address, Northstar is queried with the forge's host name to discover the Interfaces that service it.