December 2020


    As the development on Northstar nears the completion phase, updates on it have slowed down, and the only updates that were made during this stage mostly comprises of configuration updates. These updates were mostly related to bootstrapping DynaConf, as we embraced 12-factor app configuration recommendations, allowing for better configuration management.


    Realising the need for validation of a request to an actor, an authentication mechanism was developed to implement Matrix's signed JSON feature, but, was later replaced in favor of HTTP Signatures.

    Interface underwent major refactoring to improve test-ability and reliability in addition to implementing authentication by a signed JSON mechanism implemented by the Matrix project. Taking note of rate-limits imposed by some forges, we figured we'd have to cache responses and so data persistence was implemented by way of storing in a database.


    These are a list of the Pull Requests where the following updates took place for the organization.

    • Forking Implementation :: #34
    • Authentication :: #36
    • DB Refactor :: #39, #40