October 2020

    In the month of October, there were significant changes to the development in ForgeFedv2, with the addition of the OpenAPI Specification for Northstar.


    A database model was created to store the details of the various forge interfaces, having these details would be a prerequisite to looking up a server.

    Endpoints were subsequently created, following the defined OpenAPI specification. While the Lookup service was in the process of development, terminologies and the concept for Forge Federation was also being discussed.

    Docker support as part of the CI process was added into the mix, while keeping in mind, that the test suite was the method to work with the application for the time being. An initial working model for the lookup service was established.


    Development of the libgit library had begun at this point.

    [libgit] is a library that processes the contributor's changes, and generates a patch. Details regarding the implementation and feature set of libgit will be covered in another section.